Sunday, March 20, 2011

wisconsin dells

last weekend we took a little vacation to the wisconsin dells and stayed 2 nights at an indoor water park. it was fun getting out of town for a few days and driving through scenic wisconsin (the dells are about 4 hours away). lauren and ryan both had a great time. ryan did get a little overwhelmed and wasn't up for doing as much as lauren. he loved the elevator though and would politely tell it "thank you" every time he got on and off. sleeping in a hotel was exciting for them as well. they shared a bed and only one person (lauren) tumbled out during the night. joel and i are having more and more fun with the kids as they get older. i know this was only one of many adventures yet to come!

lauren never wanted to stop and smile for pictures because she was having too much fun, so these were the kind of faces i was getting. so i had to have a talk with her and tell her that i wanted some pictures of her actually smiling. she did come around, so this is the before......

and these are the afters. so much better! :)