Sunday, March 7, 2010


this past weekend we were planning on going to an indoor water park about 3 hours outside of minneapolis. however, joel, caught a cold which then turned into a horrible sinus infection. so we had to cancel our trip. we were really looking forward to doing something fun this weekend and were disappointed by the change in plans. so to make up for not doing the waterpark, we ended up taking lauren to nickelodeon universe at the mall of america. she loves rides and had a great time going on as many as she could. joel and i had to accompany her on a few which was "fun". we all really had a lot of fun, and joel and i were thrilled that her favorite rides were a huge inflatable pineapple that kids jump around in and a bench like thing that goes up in the air and then slowly drops down. she must have gone on both of those rides about 5 -10 times each and she was able to do it her herself, no adult required (yay!).

Monday, March 1, 2010

gramps' birthday

this weekend was my dad's, aka gramps, birthday. to celebrate we went out to eat with my parents, brothers and sister-in-law. joel and i then went out for a quick date before going to my parent's house for cake and ice cream. we had a nice time with the fam and celebrating my wonderful dad's special day!

jer and missy

me and pres

ryan and gramps

my dad reading a poem cody wrote for him.