Friday, February 26, 2010

baby ry

wow, the time has flown! ryan will be 8 months on march 7th. he is the sweetest little guy. he's not in a huge hurry to grow up, and in fact has just decided he's ready to try and sit up by himself. he rolls here and there, but other than that he's not too mobile. but no worries here, it will happen when he's ready. what he is very good at is eating. this boy LOVES food. he scarfs down his baby food as fast as he can (orange veggies are his favorite if you couldn't tell from the color of his nose) and then he wants whatever we are having. the other night we were eating papa john's pizza, and he was chewing on some crust. joel and i didn't notice that lauren had ever so thoughtfully dipped ryan's crust in the garlic sauce that comes with the pizza and gave back to ryan. it didn't seem to bother him a bit! he gets lots of attention from his big sister, and if he could speak would maybe say a little too much! :)

counting down the days until spring

we have been buried in snow here since november. however, the roads are all clear which allows us to take walks around the neighborhood in the stroller. the forecast for the next week is sunny and low to mid 30's. yay! nothing makes us more excited than watching the snow slowly melt.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dinner time

ryan has been a great little eater. he started eating solids around thanksgiving time. he loves his baby cereal and veges (except for peas). he hasn't taken to the fruit yet. he can get a little impatient if he's not fed fast enough, and lets you know he's enjoying his meal by humming while he eats. he was trying prunes for the first time in these photos. he wasn't so sure at first, but decided they were worth eating. at almost 7 months he is weighing in at 17lbs 4ozs. he has been happiest little guy, and we are having so much fun watching him experience all these new things.

fresh snow

we haven't seen the ground here in mn since sometime in nov. and after a while the snow gets so dirty and dingy looking. on monday we got another few inches which makes our neighborhood look like a winter wonderland. however, it's been pretty chilly lately, usually in the single digits. yesterday i think we made it to 20 degrees, yay! so lauren and i bundled up and took a brisk walk which felt so nice. she had a great time and wasn't ready to come in even though her gloves were soaked and her cheeks were bright red. i'm glad someone is still enjoying winter!