Saturday, May 8, 2010

10 months old!

ryan is 10 months old now. so hard to believe he is going on one year old. he has been such a sweet little boy. very smiley and happy. he loves being held and isn't too interested in crawling or getting around on his own. lauren was just the opposite. the two of them are playing together more and more, which is very cute to watch. she comes up with very creative nicknames for him such as "bunky" and "qugi the monster".

he is getting sick of baby food (i can't blame him) and enjoys eating regular food more and more. he has a very hearty appetite, yet you wouldn't know it by his size. he's tall but only in the 25 percentile for weight. he has two little teeth on the bottom and his top ones look like they are going to poke through any day. he loves taking baths (just like his mother) and would probably stay in there all day if he could. he does have a few quirks, one of them being his fear of elevators. ever since he was about 5 months old he gets very upset once inside an elevator. it doesn't matter if it's big or small, glass or enclosed he hates them.

so to commemorate his 10 month milestone we decided to have a little photo shoot last night. lauren hearing all the fun that was being had snuck out of bed and wanted to get her picture taken as well.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

lauren is 3!

on the 27th of april, lauren turned 3. since her actual birthday was on a tuesday we decided to wait and celebrate on friday. this year's theme was princesses, and the colors were the ever popular pink and purple. she had 4 friends in attendance this year ian, tegan, kiera and katie. the party started at 1:30 with the opening of the presents. that lasted about 5 minutes then one enthusiastic party goer cried, "where's the cake?" i thought instead of just having cake i'd make cupcakes and let the girls decorate them, after all we had 2 hours to kill. i have to say they all did a great job with the cupcakes. their sugar intake was rather high, but hey, it's a party!

one of lauren's gifts was a really neat battery operated bubble blowing machine (thanks, t and a, i hate blowing bubbles!). it worked really well and the girls all had a blast. they popped bubbles until all the solution was gone. all in all the party was a lot of fun. however, after everyone had left i realized we had forgotten to sing happy birthday to lauren. (i had made a cake with the left over cupcake batter just so we could sing and blow out the candles.) so that evening daddy, ryan and i serenaded her. and then she and i both got some spoons and had one last birthday treat.

happy birthday, lauren! we love you!