Saturday, February 28, 2009

daddy attempts to fix hair

this morning we were in a hurry to get out of the house, so i asked joel if he could get lauren ready. after getting her dressed, i informed him that she needs to have her hair fixed as well (a task joel repeatedly tells me he doesn't know how to do). I reassured him that it is not that difficult and since he has a little girl he has to learn how to fix her hair. so he bravely gave it a try.....

this is the before shot.

he begins with a little detangling spray. off to a good start!

he runs into a few snarls. lauren is not enjoying this too much.

"are we done yet, dad?!" obviously not.

so they continue on. and finally.....

..the after shot! i don't know what looks more funny, lauren's hair or her "smile". but i have to give joel some credit, at least he tried. and i'm thinking (and hoping) he'll only get better with time. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

sewing with aunt missy

last week my brother and sister-in-law moved in with us as they are starting a new life in minnesota after living in south africa for the past year. we are really enjoying having them here and being able to spend so much time together, something we've rarely been able to do in the past. lauren is especially loving her uncle jeremiah and aunt missy time. they are both so good and patient with her. and joel and i are having fun watching lauren develop a relationship with them (which didn't take long to do). missy is a great seamstress and is always sewing something(she's promised to give me lessons). so the other night lauren wanted to take a closer look and see exactly what missy was doing with this strange machine. i think she was rather impressed.