Wednesday, November 24, 2010

random fall photos

(the downside of having an older sister).

love, love, LOVE my little man!



Minnesota Zoo

1st haircut

he was way to upset for me to get a photo while his hair was being cut, but this was the end result. looking good! :)

having fun!

new bath!!

this past week and a half we had a little renovation done on our bathroom. a very talented handyman ripped out our icky, non functioning bathtub and shower and replaced it with a lovely new tub complete with subway tile and chrome hardware. it looks amazing!! so i wanted to post a few before and after pictures so everyone can see the incredible transformation!



Thursday, September 30, 2010


it's hard to believe that september is already over. even though the month started out on the cool side, this past week has been amazing, sunny and low 70's, perfect! i haven't had a lot of time to post pictures, so i'm just going to do one blog highlighting some of our september activities.

katie's birthday party!

gymnastics class

toddler tuesday at moa with the super readers!

coffee helpers

geoffrey's here!!!

garden and outside fun

Saturday, September 4, 2010

snack time

well, there's nothing like the unmistakable sound of an entire box of cereal being dumped out unto the floor. ryan, as sweet as he is, has been much more interested in getting into things than lauren ever was. some of his favorite activities include throwing shoes down the basement stairs, pulling everything out of my wallet, getting into the hall closet and "rearranging"it, dismantling the stereo, unstuffing kleenex boxes and i can now add getting his own snack.

on the other hand, he is also extremely cuddly, requiring at least a 5 to 10 minute snuggle when he wakes up from a nap (i love that). he gives warm, wet kisses and is always willing to share his pacifier. he is the cutest little dancer with some very impressive moves. and he has a wonderfully huge smile that i find irresistible (even when he's just dumped an entire box of cereal on the floor). so what more can i say....i guess he's a keeper! :)