Monday, April 12, 2010

new jersey

last friday the 2nd, we embarked on a trip to new jersey to spend the week with my sister and her family. we left at 1 pm and drove straight through the night (joel did most of the driving) arriving in nj at noon the following day. so it was about a 22 hour trip. but the kids did really well, which made being in the car that long somewhat bearable. we had such a wonderful week. the weather was beautiful, mostly in the mid 80's. since we were there over easter we were able to hear my brother-in-law preach a great message at the church he pastors. we then went over to his parents house for a delicious easter dinner and the ever popular easter egg hunt.

the rest of the week was spent hanging out at my sister and brother-in-law's house and getting a lot of quality time with them and their four kids. we ventured to the park a few times and joel took the 3 older kids and lauren to a movie. my sister and i got out a few times by ourselves which is always a lot of fun. we did take a day trip down to cape may which is in south jersey. we went to the local zoo there and then hit the beach. it is absolutely beautiful. lots of old victorian houses and cute shops. it is a really neat town.

lauren had so much fun with her cousins. she and elle played non-stop. dress up, barbies, kick ball, polly pockets, sidewalk chalk. even though elle is almost 3 years older she is very patient with lauren. lauren even got to go to elle's ballet class with her. it was very cute! and micah, toby and remi are the sweetest boys. they are so good with the little ones and are just very enjoyable to be around.

unfortunately the week went by way too fast. we are home now, but missing our wonderful family. thankfully they will be making the trek out here this july. we'll be counting down the days. we love you guys!


cape may

ballet class
the girls