Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 months old!

our little ryan is 4 months old already! he has been such a wonderful baby. he is the happiest little guy! he'll give anyone a smile. he loves to chew on his fists, but no signs of any teeth yet. he loves watching lauren play and dance. and he's very forgiving (he's been bitten a few times on the hand). when i asked the biter why she did that she replied, "i'm a dinosaur." but she assured me she's not going to do it again. he has added SO much to our little family and is a constant reminder that every good and perfect gift is from the Lord! :)

trick or treat

this halloween we did our trick-or-treating at a local mall again. it's so nice and easy when you have little ones, especially since it's usually pretty chilly outside. halloween was never a big holiday for either joel or myself growing up, and we don't intend for it to be a very significant part of our kids lives either. thank goodness halloween was on a saturday this year, so i was able to sneak out for a bit and try and find a cheap, on sale costume for lauren. old navy had one costume left. a dragon and it was a 4t/5t but for only $2 i couldn't pass it up. and lauren was thrilled...phew! ryan went as a cute, adorable baby this year and pulled it of quite nicely. :) so here are a few photos of our halloween......